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Magna Test Prep will be hosting separate ACT Camps at Benilde-St. Margaret’s in preparation for the July 14th and September 8th ACT test dates. ACT Camp consists of 24 hours of group sessions, 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring, and lifetime access to Review Sessions (held at BSM the Wednesday & Friday before every Saturday ACT). In addition, students receive 8+ practice ACT tests, the Magna Test Prep training workbook, access to online video lessons, and skill-specific practice packets. All one-on-one tutoring sessions are 2 hours long and held at our offices in Edina.

July 14th Test Group Session Dates (all held at Benilde-St. Margaret’s):

  • Tuesday, June 19th 2-6pm
  • Thursday, June 21st 2-6pm
  • Tuesday, June 26th 2-6pm
  • Thursday, June 28th 2-6pm
  • Tuesday, July 10th 2-6pm
  • Thursday, July 12th 4-6pm
  • Friday, July 13th 4-6pm


September 8th Test Group Session Dates (all held at Benilde-St. Margaret’s):

(for this Camp, students pick one session per week to attend for first 4 weeks)

  • Tuesday, July 31st 2-6pm OR Thursday, August 2nd 2-6pm
  • Tuesday, August 7th 2-6pm OR Thursday, August 9th 2-6pm
  • Tuesday, August 14th 2-6pm OR Thursday, August 16th 2-6pm
  • Tuesday, August 21st 2-6pm OR Thursday, August 23rd 2-6pm
  • Wednesday, September 5th 3:30-5:30pm OR 5:30-7:30pm
  • Friday, September 7th 3:30-5:30pm OR 5:30-7:30pm

Camp registration includes 24 hours of group sessions, 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring, lifetime access to Review Sessions, 8+ practice ACT tests, the Magna Test Prep training workbook, access to online video lessons, and skill-specific practice packets.

What are Magna Test Prep ACT
Camps all about?

  • Students walk on in a red carpet

    Because they are the VIPs of Camp: the Coaches are there only to support these Very Important People on their path to higher ACT score.

  • Before beginning Camp

    Students take a practice ACT test to help us identify their areas of opportunity for point growth. Throughout their training, all of their test scores are entered into an online score tracker so they are able to see their scores going up.

  • Math & Science Assessments

    We use incoming practice test scores to direct students to the appropriate Math & Science Assessments. These Assessments test students on specific concepts they must understand for the Math & Science sections of the ACT. After completing, students plug their answers into our website. An algorithm determines on which concepts students most struggle. Students are then directed to video lessons & additional practice problems to target those skills. The next step is getting together with a tutor one-on-one to ensure students understand their challenge concepts.

  • Success-oriented ACT training

    The first few minutes of every Camp are spent discussing hard work, goal achievement, and inspirational high achievers – all to set the tone for our success-oriented ACT training.

  • Then we get dialed on studying! (the serious part)

    During Camp sessions, we teach content and strategies, practice together, then students practice alone. The Math and English sections on the ACT test content (how to factor a quadratic, how to correctly use a semicolon, etc.), while the Reading and Science tests rely far more on strategy (how to approach the problems, how to identify and eliminate wrong answer options, etc.).


  • Karate Boards

    During breaks between studying we play “Eye of the Tiger” and break karate boards (obviously).

  • Students are given practice ACT tests to complete between sessions

    We emphasize to students that their biggest score improvements come from applying the skills they learn during Camp in the arena of an actual ACT test (or practice ACT test).

    Students are given answer explanations to go through that explain why the correct answer was correct and why the incorrect answer was incorrect. In addition, students have opportunities to have tutors go through difficult problems with them one-on-one.

  • One-on-one tutoring

    Your 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring with our ACT Coaches will be completed in three 2-hour sessions, held at our offices in Edina.

  • Other sweet stuff!
    • “Gameday Bag”

      Filled with pencils, a sharpener, and a ‘silent timer’ that goes along with timing strategies we teach students for each section of the ACT.

    • Success Training

      Camp kicks off with Success Mapping, where we talk about hard work and students set goals for their ACT training. We return to the idea of hard work and determination throughout, discuss inspirational hard-workers, and help students identify their purpose for training to improve their ACT score (expanding their college opportunities, for example).


to get


$2000 for Non-BSM Students
Click to register for september camp

$1800 for BSM Students
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Haley Gilbertson

Raised her ACT score 6 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“I think what was so useful was the coaching staff’s willingness to help out students. The amount of resources they give you with practice tests and strategies was amazing, and the depth of the teaching itself was great.”

Luke Horton

Raised his ACT score 8 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“Connecting with Magna Test Prep for ACT prep and tutoring was one of the best choices we have made for our son Luke and his educational future. The ACT camp, which was group tutoring with Luke’s hockey team, covered many areas, including test taking strategies and test timing that helped to build Luke’s confidence to master the ACT exam. The best testimonial of all was to hear our son comment after he returned from 4 hours of studying, ‘That was fun!’ ”

Bronson Mcleod

Raised his ACT score 6 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“Choosing Magna was a decision that came from Bronson himself. It showed me that he wanted to improve on his ACT score. Bronson took the tutoring very seriously, but also commented on the amount of fun he had doing it. Not only did Magna Test Prep polish him on the areas of the ACT, but they taught Bronson to attack the ACT test with confidence. It was one of the best decisions we made for Bronson’s college future.”

Lauren Meier

Raised her ACT score 4 points after training with Magna

“Our daughter Lauren went through one-on-one training with Magna Test Prep. They gave Lauren insight as to what types of questions would be asked, how to answer them and how to best utilize exam time. Lauren increased her ACT score by 4 points. Their tutors REALLY know what they are doing!!!”

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